Büyük Valide Han is a two-storey, three-courtyard type han; and with reference to the settlement area, the largest among the Istanbul hans which do not belong to a külliye.
The building is constructed with the materials, stone and brick, as in all other traditional Istanbul Hans.
The spatial organization of the building is organic in form, which is in harmony with the Mercan’s complex texture of the built environment and the sloped topography of the area, a very lively commercial district then, during the years it was built.

  • Plan characteristics – has an irregular plan, determined by the site’s conditions and the layout of the roads.  The uniqueness of the building comes from its three courtyards, a characteristic not observed in Istanbul hans until the 17th century. 
  • Büyük Valide Han is constructed as a building which has 153 rooms at the first and second courts, and 57 rooms at the third, cumulating to 210 rooms.


about Kosem Sultan building characteristics
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