“BÜYÜK VALİDE HAN from Yesterday to Present”
The team of researchers of the project spent a good time of the three years of field-work at the Han, starting in 2006. Consecutively, they wished to share their findings with the residents and prepared an exhibition consisting of print, visual, and sound materials as a gesture of appreciation for the great value they received during their stay. The other aim of the exhibition was to call attention to the space use of historical monuments and the fading away of a life-form with the general public.
The date of the exhibition: 25 December 2008 – 15 January 2009 
Location: Büyük Valide Han, the corridors and the two rooms on the second floor
Exhibition material: 17 information panels, size 80x200cm., hanging along the corridors;
Video presentations on three separate monitors, with subject matters, “Metal Workers of Büyük Valide Han” (66min.), “Textile in Büyük Valide Han” (44min.), and “Everyday Life in Büyük Valide Han” (25 min.);
308 photographs projected on screen;
Sound installation (of the sounds gathered from around the ateliers of the Büyük Valide Han;
All material listed above took place in room number 64.
The other room of the exhibition, with a view of the İstanbul scenery, was kept empty with nothing but a screen representing a painting of the Büyük Valide Han by Namık Ismail, painted in 1930s. The aim was to reflect on the physical character of the building through empty space.

Exhibition poster and notes from exhibition notebook.
about Kosem Sultan building characteristics
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