Project Name : Navigation with Cevelan-ı Cessas at Great Valide Caravanserai.

About the Project :
Using a time-machine presentation and based on historical and architectural information, events are depicted in reanimation, using images of both today and of the past.

Place : Great Valide Caravanserai ( Eminonu / Istanbul)

Machine’s Story: During 17th century, Kosem Sultan the ruler of the Ottoman Empire, ordered her scientists to build her  a  machine. She wanted this machine to show her the past and the future of the place she had also had built. With the help of her new machine, she would thus be able to destroy her enemies and rule the country for many more years to come.

The machine’s name is Cevelan-ı Cessas (Navigation of a curious, mystic man). Cevelan-ı Cessas runs with steam, genie and magic powers (spiritual powers)

Softwares : Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, 3dsMAX, Corel Draw.

Burak Özdelice

For More Info: cevelan-i_cessas.pdf


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