Reflections on Büyük Valide Han

A workshop themed as “intervention” has been conducted with Istanbul Technical University’s master’s (Architecture) students, and Buyuk Valide Han has been chosen as the location of work where ideas would be developed concerning intervention within the built environment.  Students were free to fantasize and propose any idea that they would think of, without any limitation.  Yet, to raise a consciousness on “intervention”, a seminar was held before the design work where this concept was discussed and the definition of architecture was introduced as a form of human existence with dimensions including time-space-life relations.    

Levels of intervention in student proposals:

  1. Temporary structures that emphasize the building’s existence and be aware of it.

Student: Onur Kemal Kösedağ – Work: A cloth installation extending from YeniCami to the Hans district.

  1. Small-scale additions to the Han for its rehabilitation:

Student: Bahar Etyemez – Work: Limitation of vehicle traffic / enforcement of the connections between the two storeys of the Han / cleaning and lighting of the corridors /disciplining the invasion of additional stairs.
Student: Gül Ertekin – Work: Rehabilitation of the main (second) courtyard / mesjid rebuilt (in place of the cami) / new activities introduced for the enrichment of the life in the courtyard.
Student: Günseli Torluoğlu – Work: Opening the cells of the Han to the Istanbul’s panorama.

  1. Structural additions to the Han:

Student: Büşra Sözüpek – Work: a step by step rehabilitation/partial reconstruction:  a. reconstruction of the additions within a specific order; b. Touch-ups, i.e. small scale completions, repair, etc.
Student: Erinç Tepetaş – Work: A new additional structure to the ruined corner (South) of the Han and addition of a new underground basement level. 
Student: Ülkü Eroğlu – Work: Reproduction of the spaces based on its (Han’s) memory.
Student: Seda Köseer – Work: Reproduction by keeping up the memory and via clearing, new additions, and disciplining of the facades.
Student: Yasemin Hacıkura – Work: Addition of a parcour that wonders through and connects the different spaces and levels of the Han.

  1. Sustaining and enriching the activities that exist in the Han.

Student: Beste Sabır – Work: Continuation of the existing works and addition of new ones, i.e. sustaining the life form that exists in the Han.

  1. Recovery of the earlier form of the Han with respect to its possible origin and clearance:  

Student: Yalçın Korkmaz – Work: Clearance of all low quality additional alterations to the Han and rehabilitation of those parts whose origin cannot be determined.

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