New developments can also fuel BVH residents’ concerns. In the spring of 2008, a number of road blocks regulating motor vehicles’ entry to the neighborhood were set up at key points. Their effect was considered negative in terms of trade activity.
The tenants are encouraged to relocate to the specialized zones of commerce on the beltways of the city. Traders’ organizations pave the way for this transition that many in the Han consider infeasible.
Many residents increasingly complain about the decrease in the number of customers, business volume and property value. A few wholesalers and some craftsman have already retired or relocated their businesses elsewhere. Garbis Bey, a turner who dismantled his workshop and left; Uteks, a family firm of cloth wholesalers with a history of forty years at BVH has also recently moved out to a more convenient location.
“A ghost town?” A pessimistic speculation made by a wholesaler of hats, is that with the current tenants relocated, the Han would lose blood and deteriorate even more.
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